When I draw hands, I am more concerned with the overall shape than I am with the actual anatomy of the hands.

A rough shape gesture followed by a more fleshed out sketch of Callisto with her hand gripping at her arm.

A drawing of Tempest, with the shape of her hand outlined next to her
If you have a nice appealling shape, how you accurately you draw each individual finger doesn't really matter...

I actually find that if I put too much time into making each finger look correct, it tends to look . bad.

What makes an appealling shape to you is probably not the same as what does to me, because you're not me, but:
A series of 5 images cropped to just the hands. Underneath is a diagram breaking down the shapes used.
I like to group 3 of the fingers together and have one of them independent of the others and clearly defined to help sell that these are fingers, and/or I like to create a staircase type shape using the knuckles.
Diagrams showing the straight vs curved edges of a finger, and the importance of nails
The fingers too come with their own very nice straight vs curved edge shape which I like to emphasise, and also nails are super important for selling the angle of the fingers.
In general I like to have a good contrast of straight vs curve edges when I shape a hand.

Diagrams showing the straight vs curve edges of some hands I've drawn

Do note that your hands don't move wholly independently from each other!
A series of hands showing how the fingers move when you bend each individual finger, with a pink line drawn indicating the pull between them.
It's like there's a string connecting them, and pulling one will move the others. It has more pull in the center, and from the index and pinky you get a nice arc.
Of course, you can move your fingers independently if you force them, but if it's a relaxed pose, they'll naturally follow eachother. Helpful to visualise while you bend fingers.

Two hands shown in earlier examples now with the same pink line indicated.


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